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Welcome to Sontronic

Authorized Service Centre Sontronic has been established in 1992. We are specializing in repair services for audio and home entertainment systems, digital photo and video equipment, VAIO computers, TV sets and monitors. Our highly professional, technical ability has been well recognized by Sony as well as other companies we work for. In the matter of fact we have been honoured with many awards for our achievements and standards. We are Regional Authorized Service Centre for Sony, Authorized Service Centre for Panasonic, Loewe Authorized Service Centre but because of our broad Audio and Video experience we are also able to offer services for other brands as well. Sony Professional Camcorders and other equipment is also repaired at our place. We provide both warranty and non-warranty services for mentioned brands. Having customer in mind all our non-warranty repairs are backed up by our up to own one year labour and parts warranty.


We have over 28 years extensive experience in the Audio/Video/Photo filed which combined with professional approach assures that services you receive are the best in its class. Sontronic is perceived by Sony as the one of the best operating Regional Authorize Service Centres in our part of Europe. We always try to find the answers to any enquires you may have. Our friendly stuff continuously trained in all aspects of consumers’ electronics is always willing to offer you a help. Our technicians can easily repair any problem or malfunction you have noticed in your equipment. Our engineers are members of exclusive “Sony Experts Club”. Having in our disposition state of the art diagnostic equipment, which combined with our continuously trained personnel assures that our clients get the best level of professional service.

We have direct access to the main European spare parts canters and only use the original manufactures parts and procedures in all repairs. This lets us solve problems in your equipment in quickly and efficiently maner.


Our Customer service department has access to the latest database of Sony and Panasonic, products. We can help you make an informative decision when it comes to purchase of any type of accessories. You can also get here information about technical specifications of the products, features, and where to find closest authorized retail dealer.
Additional accessories such as remote control, spare parts etc which are not available through retail network can be obtained from us on individual purchase order bases.

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    +48 61 833 49 41
    +48 61 833 47 78Business hours:
    Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

    Sontronic sp. z o.o.
    Kolejowa 57/18
    60-715 Poznan


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